Compliance Road Map to Good Faith Efforts_Edu


Every organization has to be able to show adequate documentation of all of their outreach efforts, and they have to be able to describe those efforts.


As long as you can show that you made an effort to reach out to women, minorities, veterans and individuals with disabilities, you stand a good chance to pass an audit.  But you must be able to verify and document all of those efforts.

Our Compliance Road Map shows you exactly how and where to make your good faith efforts.  Over 300 hours of research have been condensed for you into an easy step-by step guide to help you with your compliance requirements.

• How to cover your Standard Compliance Evaluation Report (SCER)

• Top 10 items you must have to cover 1E02, 'missing elements'

• How and where to meet your Good Faith Effort requirements

• Additional websites for outreach to individuals with disabilities, veterans, minorities and women

• How to post your job openings on exchange websites at no cost

• Employer resources with NRD, minority colleges and others

• Details of a compliance review and desk audit

• What to expect and how to prepare for an audit

• How to navigate and post on Career One Stop Center sites

• Over 60 websites that should be part of your AAP

• Important links to VEVRAA, Section 503 and FAQs from the DOL

• Sample Affirmative Action Plan from the DOL

• EEO Policy explanation, implementation and training requirements

• Walk through of Title 41, Code of Federal Regulations, section 60-741.44

• Important links to forms for EEO-1, VETS-4212 and much, much more

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The Compliance Road Map saves you and your legal team hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in research, preparing and updating your affirmative action plan – and it shows you how to document your Good Faith Efforts.


FCCM, Page 56-57, Desk Audit

1L Analysis of the EO 11246 AAP: Goals Progress and Good Faith Efforts.

The effectiveness of a contractor's overall affirmative action program is not measured by whether the contractor met all its goals, but rather by whether the contractor made good faith efforts to do so.


1L01 Evaluation of Good Faith Efforts.

An evaluation of good faith efforts includes a review of the contractor's overall performance toward goals, .. ...and ensuring that adequate information is available to determine good faith efforts.


1L02 Plan for Evaluation of Good Faith Efforts.

... the AAP may state that the contractor will use a particular agency with a significant minority clientele to aid in the recruitment of minority applicants for Clerical 1 job group. The additional information needed here may include contact with the agency to confirm its use by the contractor, as well as other action such as identifying additional recruitment sources while onsite.