Good Faith Efforts: Outreach & Recruiting


If Good faith Effort were a car, Outreach & Recruiting would be its engine. To prove that you are making an effort in outreach, under 2E02-Evaluation of Good faith Efforts, you will be directly asked if you advertise job openings in Minority Media (2E02).

The compliance officer will verify with the third party regarding your outreach and recruitment efforts (2F00) and will ask for documentation proving recruiting and outreach efforts (2G00)

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We provide UNLIMITED JOB POSTINGS to the same job board that our Fortune 500 clients and enterprise organizations have access, to help you satisfy the mandates for outreach and positive recruitment and have documentation to prove it.

 By posting every job and keeping a copy of each job posting for your audit files, you can show your using a nationally accredited Minority media for your outreach efforts. We will be the third party organization that the compliance officer will contact regarding outreach and recruitment efforts (2F00f).  Click here to see the job board and independent traffic statistics.

We will provide you with Username and Password to post your jobs here:


 Additionally we provide direct placement services of minority woman and people with disabilities.

FCCM, Page 85, Onsite Review

2E02 –Evaluation of Good Faith Efforts

b. Good Faith Efforts – External Placements.... Recruiting sources in the AAP. Does the contractor use the recruitment sources listed in its AAP to reach out to minorities and women? … … How are job openings advertised? Does the contractor advertise in publications or other media that are targeted to minorities and women?


FCCM, Page 89, Onsite Review

2F00 AAP and Support Data Submissions

f. Disseminate EEO Policy Externally and Perform Outreach and Positive Recruitment. COs must verify during the onsite review that the contractor engaged in outreach and positive recruitment activities. To do this, COs must conduct interviews with contractor officials and third party organizations regarding outreach and recruitment efforts.


FCCM, Page 93, Onsite Review

2G00 Contractor Policy Implementation

Second paragraph, .. A CO will also verify that the contractor has participated in recruitment and outreach efforts..... COs must obtain documentation regarding recruitment and outreach, and other affirmative action efforts.





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