Certificate of Merit

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The Certificate shows that you are working with a Minority Outreach Organization, and that you are utilizing a third party to help you with your outreach mandates.


This Certificate shows visitors to your location, your employees and a compliance officer, your strong commitment to diversity.

Your Good Faith Effort is on display!

FCCM, Page 89, 2F00 (f), Onsite Review

It displays the updated and complete EOE Statement, and shows your name as the point of contact for your EOE policy.

This Certificate satisfies the following requirements…...




Executive Order 11246, Affirmative Action,
Federal Contract Compliance Manual, (FCCM).

FCCM, Page 36,37; Desk Audit:


b. Section 503 and Section 4212 (or VEVRAA) AAPs. If one or more of the below listed Section 503 and Section 4212 AAP elements is missing, COs automatically consider the submission unacceptable.

  • External dissemination of contractor's EEO policy
  • Internal dissemination of contractor's EEO policy
  • Description of the contractor's audit and reporting system
  • Identification of the person(s) responsible for implementation of the AAP
  • Training policy..for all personnel involved in the recruitment, screening.. to ensure that the commitments in the contractor's AAP are implemented.


FCCM, Page 52, Desk Audit:

1H06 ,1H07 Internal Dissemination of EEO Policy and Outreach

The contractor must disseminate its EEO policy internally.  An acceptable AAP must address the contractor's internal procedures to foster understanding, acceptance and support of the contractor's obligation to promote equal employment opportunity for individuals with disabilities and protected veterans.



The Certificate proves that you are working with a minority outreach organization and we help you to satisfy these mandates.