Affirmative Action Compliance Department

MS Affirmative Action Compliance Department.

Our commitment to clarity and our integrity has always made us stand out as a premier compliance firm.
As a woman owned minority organization we thrive to help federal contractors achieve a greater understanding of affirmative action mandates and also to help them find the resources to comply with the mandates of the federal contract compliance manual (FCCM).

"MS affirmative action compliance department", why it is difficult to understand.
In our over 20 years of working with thousands of clients, we have heard it all, seen it all and it is very rare for us to be surprised by yet another excuse why someone believes they do not need to comply with federal law, while spending tax payer money.

We are Minority Success Network, we also operate the Minority Success Publishing Group and we focus on minority outreach and affirmative action compliance assistance. That is a pretty long sentence and it doesn't even cover it all. When we get in touch with clients, we have to abbreviate our company name and mission, because hardly anyone understands who we are or what we do for them. We once tried MSAAPC.... Minority success affirmative action plan compliance.. and most clients had a hard time writing it down.

We have several offices in our company, each focusing on different areas of affirmative action and outreach, compliance and resources. When a client receives a call from us, we identify ourselves as MS affirmative action compliance, sometimes as MS affirmative action compliance department... that is about the shortest version and best description, which allows most clients to immediately understand who is calling them. It is not a scam, it is not a lie, it is exactly who we are and any federal contractor should understand what that means.

For some, 'MS affirmative action compliance' can be difficult to comprehend. We identify our company mission and clearly state that we are not the government or a government agency, by any means. We provide all our clients with a reference number - that is how we are able to quickly find them in our computer system. Over 30,000 federal contractors operating in the United States are difficult to find in any database by phone numbers (many have more than five different numbers) or by their corporate status, LLC, Inc, DBA.. etc.. It is far easier, faster and more accurate for us to find a client by their reference number.

Some customer service operators, secretaries, front desks etc. do not pay attention and jot down anything else other than the words 'reference number'. When a client calls us back they refer to their 'case number' and they believe the federal government called them. That's not us. We do not say anything like that, nor do we talk fast nor do we obfuscate or imply anything, ever. Some federal contractors are not really interested in fulfilling their obligations regarding affirmative action, they do not take the time or care to try to understand it or even try to be in compliance. Some contractors do not understand the language of numerous abbreviations in this sector. Sometimes contractors assume it is something different and other than what we said.

When you receive a call from "MS affirmative action compliance department".. that is exactly who we are, that is exactly who is calling you. Any 'impression' or 'understanding' that leads any contractor to believe they heard something else just shows a lack of understanding in regards to affirmative action compliance.

When you receive a call from "MS affirmative action compliance department".. you are in for a real treat. We will provide you with a run-down of important federal mandates for your affirmative action plan, which have a direct impact on your federal contract and funding. The initial consultation is always free of charge – and most clients have told us that it was a great education that would have cost them a lot of hours with their attorneys just to find the information that we provide, never mind that we help you to understand it.

If, after our free consultation, you feel so inclined to utilize our services for external and internal dissemination of your EEO policy, if you decide to accept our assistance to find a short and simple way to stay in compliance with your affirmative action requirements, then we welcome your business. If you decide not to join our fast growing family of thousands of clients, we understand and accept that. We are happy to just provide you with a free consultation, in the hopes that you will understand your obligations better and maybe you will even try to pay more attention to affirmative action mandates.

MS affirmative action compliance department is our office of affirmative action specialists that helps you to become more aware of your responsibilities to engage with minorities, women, individuals with disabilities and veterans, your record keeping requirements and many other issues that you need to comply with. The more you learn about it and the more you understand, the better it will be for all of us.

Our office, Minority Success Affirmative Action Compliance Department, or MS affirmative action compliance, conducts itself and all our consultations with the outmost integrity and clarity, to help federal contractors to understand their obligations and find appropriate and low cost ways to fulfill their requirements and stay in compliance.

If you receive federal funding, directly or indirectly, you should pay attention to the legal obligations and requirements that come with that funding. MS affirmative action compliance department would be glad to help you.

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