Special Discounts

Over the past 24 years thousands of satisfied clients found our services of tremendous value and assistance at our regular prices.  Our larger enterprise clients allow us to offer our services at substantial discounts.

1) Established in 1990, Minority Success Network is a woman owned minority outreach firm, helping organizations fulfill their Affirmative Action Obligations and Good faith Effort.

FCCM 2F00...(f).. Disseminate EEO Policy Externally and Perform Outreach and Positive Recruitment...

2) Our Road Map to Compliance is a condensed step-by-step guide on actions you need to incorporate into your Affirmative Action plan, with everything from record keeping to recruiting, where to find important forms, and how to prepare for an audit.

3) The Certificate of Merit identifies your responsible officer, and Minority Success as your third party organization, ready to verfy your positive recruitment effort.

FCCM 3I02(c)... The contractor shall disseminate its EEO policy externally...,including media directed at minorities and women.

While all organizations are committed to diversity and Good faith Effort laws, not all have the resources to comply with their Minority Outreach obligations. As part of our commitment to the community, we provide discounts of up to 95% for the following industries:


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 Association & Non-Profit Education

 Governance Health Care

 Hotel & Travel Small Business 

Medium Size Business Construction Enterprise